Cincinnati Juneteenth Festival
June 14-15   2014     Daniel Drake Park
About Juneteenth
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Juneteenth is a nationwide celebration of the end of legal slavery in the United States. Cincinnati's annual Juneteenth Festival began in 1988. It's a family-based event with a a wide variety of entertainment (and a lot of it), historical and cultural attractions, organized children's activities, and, of course, great food.
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June 14     Noon to Nine
Juneteenth Returned to Drake Park
      Saturdaywillbe an afternoon packed with great entertainment on two stages--Blues, Jazz, gospel, Latin...&  more!
      The Juneteenth Festival is a family affair. There's lots for kids of all ages--from a face-to-face meeting with the likes of Abe Lincoln and  Harriet Tubman to playing games, painting faces, riding horses, making cards for father's day, listening to story tellers and taking home a free book.  
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June 15
Father's Day Concert
    From the late 1920's into the mid-'50's the June Festival concerts featured African American performers who had traditionally been excluded by Jim Crow from Music Hall and other mainstream stages.
    The Father's Day concert is our revival of that tradition. It's a Sunday afternoon in Drake Park packed with inspriational music and dance.
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Vendors & Exhibitors Are Welcome
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We have kept our fees low for the benefit of both vendors and customers.
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